How To Install

Android Phone Install:

1. Download App from Google Play store

2. Username and Password is provided via email once account is created. Please allow up to 24 hours for account setup. If account info is not available within 24 hours please contact us via Email or via Instagram. ( Please remember username and password is case sensitive please input exactly as given )


Amazon Firestick Install:

1. Go to Firestick settings > go to My Fire TV > Go to Developer Options > and turn on allow apps from unknown sources.

2. Go to App store > Download app called "Downloader"


3. Go back to App Store > Download app called " VLC for Fire" you can use the voice remote to find apps faster.

4. Open "Downloader App" and type URL given for DakineTV install file

5. Once DakineTV is installed you can go to your app section and move the app to the main app bar just like moving apps around on your phone.

6. Open DakineTV > input any name you want at the top next enter your username and password remember these are all case sensitive so input exactly as given.

7. When at the main menu go to settings > go to Add External Player > Add VLC for fire as an external player > go to Player Selection and add VLC as player for Movies and Series. This will allow you to fast forward movies and stream movies which are in different codecs.


Windows Install:

Download IPTV for Smarters Player


2. use anyname and enter your username password and URL      (remember it is all case sensitive)


Apple IOS Install:

1. Download IPTV Smarters Player from Apple App Store

2. Use any name and enter your username password and URL      (remember it is all case sensitive)